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Specially made to meet your needs,  with your specifications or designed by us to your specific aplications, made with animal bristles, vegetable fibers, syntetic fibers or even wires or mix of them, with plastic or wooden handles, capable to add inner conducts for air or liquid to flow trough the bristles, if needed. Please contact us by e-mail or phone to quote you any paintbrush you need.

Below are the most common bristles use in paint brushes.
The ideal paintbrush to apply all kind of oil or water based paints, primers, solvents or lube. entirely made with pig hair processed by the chinesse craftmen, it leaves a smooth finish without stripes, because it has a natural stye and a conic shape, allowing it to make a sharp edge during wet. Made with a wooden core and handle, that avoids the loose of hairs and ferrule.
Obtained from the agave lechugilla plant of the mexican deserts, is one of the most absorbent fibers, it has a great heat and acid resistance, good resilence and its eviromentally friendly, sience its biodegradable. Commonly used to apply paints, with a high water proportions.  
One of the finest bristle of the market,  mainly used to apply strong inks for shoes and leather, watercolor and other fine works with thin paints. Its scarce content of animal oils and grease, allow it to be a excellent choice to clean chemical instruments .